The Alliott Group Service Promise

A Commitment to Outstanding Service Standards Worldwide


Alliott Group is one of the world’s leading international alliances of independent accounting, law and consulting firms. Membership imposes acceptance by members of specific service standards (The Alliott Group Service Promise).

"The Service Promise formalizes alliance members’ mutual obligations to each other (and to clients) to ensure satisfaction for all in the form of outstanding service experiences across the world and to safeguard and enhance the good reputations of member firms and Alliott Group."

Our five principles

1. Compliance with local, national and/or international legislation and technical standards

Every member will ensure their good standing with their local professional governing body and will operate in accordance with the legislation in their respective country, city, state or province. When involved in international matters, members will comply with applicable international standards.

2. Responsiveness and management of expectations

Members will respond to all emails and phone calls from other members and their clients on a ‘priority basis’. This means responding with an acceptable level of urgency and courtesy within one working day. 

Where matters are highlighted as having a high degree of urgency, members are required to respond within 12 hours. If the recipient of the communication is unavailable, this will be indicated in the voicemail message or out of office email notification, thereby managing expectations related to the likely timeframe for a response and/or providing an alternative, appropriate contact person. 

Members will manage expectations carefully regarding the likely timeframe for a response if an email, phone call or voice mail is received but significant time zone differences are likely to impact response times.

3. Transparency and clear fee estimates

Prior to accepting an instruction, members will provide an estimate of the time and costs involved and an agreement upon which fees will be charged. If the services of external third party services are required (e.g. barristers, notary publics or technical experts), the member will explain this clearly in advance and seek client consent regarding their selection and fees.

4. Use of appropriately qualified professional staff

Member firms will only accept an instruction if they have the professional capacity and experience to carry out the work to a high standard. Services will only ever be rendered by appropriately qualified professional staff.

5. Identification of conflicts of interest

Members will identify any potential conflicts of interest before accepting an instruction. If conflicted out of accepting an instruction, the member is expected to use best efforts to refer the member or client to a suitable firm in their jurisdiction.

Additional procedures

Provision of free advice between members

Members are expected to provide straightforward advice to other members free of charge. As a guideline, such advice will only become chargeable once a member has spent over 30 minutes on the enquiry.

On receiving the request for help, the member will use best judgment to explain to the other party if the advice can be provided within the 30 minute period. If the time required exceeds this threshold, member firms will work together referencing the procedures set out in Alliott Group’s Referral Procedures.


Alliott Group has a Complaints Procedure that is to be followed in the event of dissatisfaction with the service experience. Naturally we take great care to ensure that members exceed service expectations but should you need to register a complaint, please get in contact with our Member/Client Care Manager, Jenny Ringrose or call +44 (0) 203 330 0110.

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