Our Association Across the World

Global alignment and regional strength

While our worldwide headquarters (Executive Office) are in the UK, our corporate governance structure ensures that the association carries out its daily operations with a full appreciation of the challenges, opportunities, needs and concerns of members and clients in every world region. Every care has been taken to ensure the association is not dominated by any single firm, country or region and that the activities of the association are truly international in scope. 

The membership in each geographic region benefits from:

  • Dedicated support and successful programs run by the alliance's Executive Office
  • Its own regional advisory committee - participation is rotated every three years to provide continuity but also new ideas
  • Representation on the Worldwide Board 
  • A stand-alone regional conference held in a major regional hub 
  • Hosting the Worldwide Conference in the region every three years. 

Meeting the needs of local firms and their clients

Even within world regions, economic and cultural diversity can be huge. Firms in these regions face different challenges and have different opportunities as a result of developments in the macro economic environment, notably political, economic, social and technological changes that influence the activities of their clients. 

We understand the dynamic international business environment in which we and our members operate - a tailored approach to working with member firms in different world regions reflects this. Despite the differences, there are two underlying principles that inform our business strategy in all regions:

  • The activities of clients of mid-market professional services firms are becoming more cross border focused than ever before
  • Despite advances in technology, trust, reputation and human contact remain hugely important to the development of the professional services business.   

To be competitive and to serve clients effectively, today's mid-market firm must have a strategy for handling business outside of the firm's principal base. Click on a region below to find out more about membership in your region, what we can offer and how you can join Alliott Group.