Expanded Horizons Program

international association of accounting firms and law firms - expanded horizons program

The EHP is a reciprocal program whose constituent services enable member firms to extend their reach nationally and internationally with maximum efficiency. Using the EHP and the principles of the “shared economy”, local member firms can share and leverage each other’s human and capital resources at the national and international levels and engender a truly global mindset within their workforce.

With 160 member firms in 65 countries worldwide, the opportunities for Alliott Group members to engage in cross border business and intercultural exchange are vast.

Three services to extend your firm’s reach

Each service is available to fee earning employees at all levels of the firm: junior, mid-level, manager, senior or partner level. Discover more about the benefits below: 

1. HotDesk

Whenever you are traveling on short-term business to a different city, almost anywhere in the world, our Global HotDesk service ensures that if there is an Alliott Group member firm in that city, a desk or meeting room and of course a warm welcome, will always be extended to you. 

While business travel should always include a visit to the local Alliott Group member firm, Global HotDesk ensures you have an even stronger incentive to meet with your counterparts to explore mutual client development opportunities.

How to take advantage of HotDesk

1. Inform the primary contact at the local member firm of your upcoming visit at least one week in advance of your arrival
2. Communicate your requirements for during your stay and whether a meeting room will be needed.

By following the simple steps above, your counterparts will be able to accommodate your requirements and ensure that their front desk staff are expecting you.

2. Market Experience

Aimed at rewarding and broadening the horizons of staff members, Market Experience can easily be arranged on a non-reciprocal basis. However, an exchange is strongly encouraged and will maximize benefits to participants and their employer firms.

A short-term placement at a member firm in a different (or the same) city provides a learning and personal development experience for the employee, develops the employee’s network of professional contacts, and deepens the relationship between the two member firms. By spending time with firm leaders and heads of relevant departments, as well as with peers at the same level, the staff member will gain understanding of the workings of a different city or country and/or how a firm in a different complementary professional services market operates. And, if practical, by being able to attend client meetings, the individual will also gain exposure to how the host firm adds value to its clients’ commercial and/or personal business. A duration of one week is suggested and it is recommended that participant individuals should have the appropriate language skills.

How to take advantage of Market Experience

Contact Alliott Group’s Executive Office to receive support with and advice on placing your employee in a different member firm. The program’s short-term nature means that employees remain on their employer’s payroll, with participant member firms helping and supporting each other to arrange short-term accommodation. All expenses incurred will be borne by the individual’s employer.

3. Staff Mobility Program

Targeted at more senior fee earning staff, the SMP enables you to second your high performers to a member firm in a different city or country, giving the employee a unique opportunity to develop strong cross-cultural and interpersonal skills and improved business acumen through working with members in different locations. Such experience will prove invaluable throughout the employee’s career. The terms of any arrangement, including duration, are flexible and are to be agreed directly between member firms. As the SMP is aimed at enabling the seconded employee to be involved in fee earning work for the host firm, it is suggested that seconded individuals should have the appropriate language skills and professional qualifications for the intended level of work.

Benefits to the firm

  • Exchange of knowledge and skills between Alliott Group member firms
  • Increased client service capacity during busy seasons
  • Improved quality and consistency of service delivery among Alliott Group member firms
  • Enhancement of participants’ appreciation and understanding of clients’ cross border needs, enabling them to service clients more effectively on their return
  • Development of participants’ cultural awareness and language proficiency
  • Enhancement of the firm’s ability to attract the brightest local talent
  • A rewarded employee is a happy, productive and loyal employee.

How to take advantage of the Staff Mobility Program

1. Contact Alliott Group’s Executive Office to receive support with and advice on seconding your employee to a different member firm
2. The duration of the secondment will be agreed between the member firms concerned. Suggested durations are one, three or six months, but there is flexibility to agree a different duration
3. It is advisable to exchange staff with firms based in locations that have similar accounting and/or legal systems
4. All arrangements including visas, accommodation, insurance, remuneration and expenses will need to be concluded between participant member firms.

For support and advice

For more information on our Expanded Horizons Program, please contact the Executive Office