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"To provide mid-market organisations with international workforces with local advice coordinated at the international level on global mobility issues to ensure that they remain competitive and can achieve their expansion objectives in the most cost effective way possible." Luc Lamy, Partner at Tax Consult and Chair of the Global Mobility Services Group

A changing working world for employers and employees

In today’s business world, companies are operating increasingly across borders. Assigning the right person in the right location (and using the optimum conditions) is the cornerstone of a business’ successful expansion abroad.

To enhance a company’s competitiveness in the war for talent, opportunities for employee mobility are crucial. Alliott Group’s local member firms, enriched by the extensive resources of a leading international professional services alliance, will help you to navigate the various legal and tax issues, manage the mobility process, assess optimum remuneration packages as well as monitor cross border employment structures and company costs.

Our Global Mobility Services offering is shaped and coordinated by our Global Mobility Services Leadership Team.  Our member firms work with over 5,000 international companies, often advising them on their employee assignments to their own host country, but also offering them globally coordinated global mobility services through their alliance counterparts, ensuring clients enjoy a single dedicated team to work with, regardless of location.

Luc Lamy, Partner at Belgian accounting firm Tax Consult. 

Global mobility services for micro multinationals and SMEs

Luc Lamy, chair of Alliott Group's Global Mobility Services Group

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Our collective areas of expertise

  • Payroll advice, set-up and compliance
  • Social security tax planning and compliance
  • Work permits and visas
  • Cross border pensions tax
  • Tax planning
  • Employment law and contracts
  • Permanent establishment risk assessment
  • Cross border compensation and benefits
  • Assignment and repatriation planning
  • Tax registration and de-registration
  • Tax equalization
  • Cross border tax disputes
  • Wills and inheritance tax
  • Personal income tax planning.

Alliott Group Thought Leadership Articles & Reports

Members of Alliott Group's Global Mobility Services Group regularly contribute to and comment on developments on the rapidly changing international business landscape. View a selection of articles below. 

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