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APAC firms share updates on latest client wins and referrals

News from Alliott Group's accounting and law members in the Asia Pacific region on some of the new clients gained through membership of the alliance.

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In this regular section which appears in our APAC region's newsletter, a selection of our members in the region share a snapshot of the international referrals they have received from across the APAC region and internationally.

Scott Jago at Sydney accounting firm member Allan Hall Business Advisors recently received a referral from the alliance's accounting member in London (Alliotts) involving the son of a high net worth individual moving to Australia. Scott's firm continues to engage with Jane Thackstone at Alliotts on inter-country tax issues, residency, and wealth transfer. Locally, Allan Hall have also been keeping busy engaging with and updating clients following the country’s COVID-19 Government Stimulus advice.

From Auckland, New Zealand (Alliott NZ), Vanessa Williams, reported that they have introduced Ganga Advadiar, from recently appointed law firm Advocatus in Singapore to the legal advisors of one of Alliott NZ’s clients. Advocatus Law are now undertaking the work.

In addition, the firm is pleased to report on a matter referred by Mark Shepherd from Allan Hall Business Advisors, to set up a new company for a client and to act for the client personally. This work has now been completed. Alliott NZ is also working on an enquiry received via the Alliott Group website and discussions with the client are underway at present.

David Baumgartner from Baumgartners in Melbourne has introduced a contact to an Alliott Group prospective member in Thailand, GPS Accounting, to discuss requirements in relation to the tax advantages of trading in the country.

The team at Chance Bridge Partners, Alliott Group’s law firm in Beijing, have been working on several projects for high profile clients recently including providing legal services to Hunan Changyuan Lico Ltd, a subsidiary of international metal and mining corporation China Minmetals Corporation, during an investment project and ADB SAFEGATE during their acquisition of Ultra Airport Systems.

Finally, Jon Broadley from Broadley Rees Hogan in Brisbane received a referral from Ellisons Solicitors in the UK and is also currently in discussions to undertake corporate work for a previous client also based in the UK.


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