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The decision to become entrepreneurial accountants

Paul D. Grossbard, co-founder of MGA Advisors, explains why they set up their firm and set out 'to do it differently'.

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"Building our practice has allowed us to understand exactly that, how to build a business. This has been invaluable in my client relationships."
Paul D. Grossbard, co-founder and partner

We have selected the article below written by Paul D. Grossbard for inclusion on our website as it captures the mindset of many of the leaders within our accounting firm members. Many of them are entrepreneurs at heart who decided at some point in time to step away from the safe environment offered by their larger firm employers so that they could build their own businesses and partner more collaboratively with clients. They just happen to be accountants. As Paul puts it, they didn't want to simply follow "a pre-defined, static process and deliver a product." Read this fascinating insight into Paul's firm MGA Advisors

Russ Miller and I were living our careers out at a mid-sized local firm. Our degrees proudly displayed in our offices for all to see. What could be wrong? Everything! It didn’t feel right. While hard to pinpoint, I think it boiled down to following a pre-defined, static process and delivering a product, not being part of a team creating solutions. So we set forth to do it differently.

"It was scary to think of ourselves as entrepreneurial accountants, but it’s absolutely true. Building our practice has allowed us to understand exactly that, how to build a business. This has been invaluable in my client relationships."

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What’s kept me young, okay – sharp, has been the ability to adapt over the years. I think that has served us and our clients well.

Case in point is how we’ve realigned our Firm in the last decade. Surrounding ourselves with great people, it’s allowed me to focus on my clients, and shed some of the day-to-day management to professional team members. I’m not saying it has been easy. I’m not saying it has been perfect. But I will say sticking with it has absolutely been the best decision and allowed us to thrive.

My focus and energy now is continuing to evolve to meet the needs of our clients. I’m committed to the continuity of this Firm and the relationships we each hold dear. There is such a strong team at MGA, and I know the future is even brighter. We think of ourselves as partners with our clients, building strong relatoinships as buisness consultants.

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