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Alliott Group/Global Mobility on international stage at FEM EMEA Summit

13 member firms from seven countries across the EMEA, North America & Australasia regions joined forces to present an expert panel at the recent FEM EMEA Summit.

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EMEA Chair of Global Mobility Services Group, Luc Lamy

Luc Lamy is also a partner at Tax Consult in Brussels

"Our participation in this conference highlighted the role being played by the member firms of Alliott Group in the global mobility sector. "
Luc Lamy, EMEA Chair, Global Mobility Services Group

From 8-9 November 2018, representatives from the UK (Alliotts and Sherrards Solicitors), Australia (Baumgartners), Netherlands (Borrie), Belgium (Tax Consult), Germany (audalis and Scholz), Portugal (ABV Advogados) and the United States (Farkouh, Furman & Faccio, Weber Shapiro and Masuda Funai) joined forces at the Forum for Expatriate Management's EMEA Summit in London as "Alliott Group/Global Mobility" to present an expert panel on the complex compliance issues faced by organisations that have expatriate populations.

The FEM EMEA Summit has established itself in the last 10 years as Europe’s must-attend event for global mobility and HR professionals. 400 leaders and innovators from the sector attended this year's conference which  offered the opportunity to network with representatives from organisations such as, The British Council, Coca Cola, E.ON, Heineken, IBM, the Home Office and Unilever.

Giles Brake, Head of Worldwide Marketing comments: 

"The FEM EMEA Summit was another big step forward for Alliott Group/Global Mobility. A growing number of members across different world regions are now highly engaged in developing this important niche. This conference underlined the specialist expertise and friendly, highly collaborative approach offered by member firms in 165 cities across 63 countries. Clients wrestling with the tangled web of compliance issues involved in moving their employees across borders were able to talk to members about their challenges and find out how the alliance provides unique solutions.”

As well as co-sponsoring the event, Alliott Group/Global Mobility’s multidisciplinary global team of tax advisers, immigration experts and lawyers led an expert panel which was moderated by Paul Marmor of Sherrards Solicitors and anchored by Kathie Gaber of Masuda Funai and Stefan Creemers of Tax Consult. The panel presented two case studies which offered solutions to reducing risk in cross border assignments. 

Seizing the opportunity

"Our participation in this conference highlighted the role being played by the member firms of international alliances such as Alliott Group in this sector. It was interesting to hear from delegates that they are increasingly dissatisfied with the levels of service offered by the big consulting firms and that they want true partnerships with professional firms who will offer a more collaborative service at a more competitive price point. That is exactly the gap in the market that we intend to fill." Luc Lamy, EMEA Chair. Alliott Group/Global Mobility

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