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Alliott Group to play key role in leading European global mobility conference

Alliott Group will be the Lead Sponsor of the 2018 Amsterdam Global Mobility Conference which takes place in The Netherlands on 22 March.

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Among the speakers and sponsors at the Amsterdam Global Mobility Conference will be members of Alliott Group, a leading international alliance of independent accounting, tax and law firms. The conference provides a forum for HR and global mobility managers facing the challenges presented by expatriate management in today’s international business world.

Alliott Group will be the Lead Sponsor of the 2018 Amsterdam Global Mobility Conference which takes place in The Netherlands on 22 March. Members from eight firms will join forces with their Alliott Group international colleagues to play a leadership role in the conference.

Organised by the Forum for Expatriate Management, the conference will be hosted at the Hotel Okura and will bring together over 160 global mobility professionals, industry experts and HR specialists from 15 countries. Over the course of the one-day event, delegates from internationally focused businesses will discuss current trends in the challenging field of expatriate management and meet with leading suppliers to the sector who can help them to meet these challenges.

Alliott Group members from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Portugal, the UK, Guernsey, Malta, Greece and the United States have been involved in shaping the conference’s tax and legal content. In addition to leading a seminar at the conference, Alliott Group members will be available on exhibition stand B2 to speak to representatives from some of the world’s best-known companies and middle market enterprises about how they can assist them to set up and manage the interrelated tax, accounting and legal aspects of their global mobility programmes more effectively.

"The use of short term assignments is rising as global companies try to optimize their international HR supply chains. However, there are numerous tax and legal compliance processes that need to be coordinated into the organisation’s assignment policy and then adhered to by not only the global mobility/HR team, but also other operations teams, specialist departments and the expatriates themselves. Too often, we see in-house professionals getting into a tangle with the various compliance issues. Working together, Alliott Group member provide an international one-stop-shop outsourcing service to multi-market focused companies and a viable alternative to the large international professional firms. We can remove the burden of compliance and help organisations to capitalise on the opportunities in today’s global market place.”
Luc Lamy, Chair of Global Mobility Services Group.
Luc Lamy, Chair of Global Mobility Services Group

Luc Lamy Partner, Tax Consult, Belgium

With many changes occurring on the legal, tax and immigration landscape within and outside Europe, short-term assignees and business travellers have started to come onto the radar of tax and immigration authorities internationally on a more regular basis. Alliott Group’s member experts will be sharing their insights during the conference into how easy it is to become non-compliant when assignees are moving across borders, often at short notice, even if only for business travel.

Head of Worldwide Marketing, Giles Brake adds: 

“Generally speaking, global employers will have fewer issues with short-term assignments, but nasty surprises can and do occur. Problems will always arise due to business visa limitations being exceeded, but our members will emphasise during the conference that there is much more to consider than immigration and visas and 183 day rules! Our members provide joined-up, cost efficient professional advisory services to international clients in over 60 countries worldwide.”

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