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Alliott Group Israel members gather for regional conference in Budapest

Members, consultants & spouses of Alliott Group Israel came together this month in Hungary's vibrant capital city for a regional conference.

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In December 2018, Alliott Group Israel ("AGIL") members and their consultants gathered at the Budapest Marriott Hotel in Hungary's vibrant capital city for a regional conference.

AGIL has been part of Alliott Group for 21 years and includes 24 members from across 10 cities in Israel. AGIL perfectly demonstrates the Alliott Group ethos - medium-sized firms collaborating to extend the reach of each individual firm far beyond its true size while also developing friendships between members, ultimately strengthening professional ties.

In addition, AGIL holds many seminars (free of charge for members and their employees) on professional subjects, led by leading professionals in their fields. These seminars are also open to non-AGIL members.

The conference hosted Alliott Group CEO James Hickey, who gave a presentation on the strategy of Alliott Group and the benefits AGIL members can gain by capitalising on Alliott Group membership.

Another Alliott Group (new) member (to be announced soon) who was a guest at the conference was Dr. Dániel Fehér, Managing Partner from Fehér Legal & Tax in Budapest. Dr Fehér gave a presentation on "Investing in real estate in Hungary with reference to the Israel - Hungary Tax Convention".

The two presentations were excellent and the members were pleased with the content and the way they were presented.


Alliott Group Israel lighting Hanukkah candles with James and Daniel Fehér.