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Belgian audit firm L&S Registered Auditors joins international alliance Alliott Group

Read about our 18th addition of 2019, specialist Belgian auditing firm L&S Registered Auditors.

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International professional services alliance Alliott Group welcomes its 18th firm of the year, specialist Belgian auditing firm L&S Registered Auditors.

Luteijn, Serghini & Co Registered Auditors (‘L&S Registered Auditors’) is an independent firm specialising in auditing and corporate finance consultancy services, based in Brussels.

Founded in 2017, L&S Registered Auditors has quickly developed a strong reputation in its local market and is now ranked among the Top 20 local audit firms. A multilingual team of experienced professionals working in the Dutch, French, German and English languages provides a range of services to an array of international clients operating across Europe.

On their admission to Alliott Group, Partner and Owner Abdel Serghini comments: “Since establishing L&S Registered Auditors in 2017, we have experienced consistent and rapid growth. We are now in a position where our client base requires more support internationally and the calibre of firms available throughout Alliott Group will provide the extended resources we need to help our clients to develop and internationalise their businesses. We look forward to collaborating with our international colleagues on cross-border projects and to exchanging technical knowledge and information on best practice in different countries.”

Alliott Group COO Giles Brake adds: “We are very pleased to expand the range of services on offer to clients doing business in Belgium through the experienced team at L&S Registered Auditors. Our members carry out a significant number of audits for SME companies and local subsidiaries of foreign companies, therefore our selection process emphasised the need to find an audit firm in Belgium that is not only technically excellent, but that also views a highly collaborative and international approach as key to their future growth and success. Together with existing members Tax Consult and Seeds of Law, L&S Registered Auditors offer a formidable range of services in Belgium.”