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Short report: 2017 North American meetings in Las Vegas

Members from the North American region, young and more senior/seasoned, gathered in Las Vegas for Staff Training and the Managing Partners Retreat

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Staff Training took place at Bally's in Las Vegas from 19-21 June, combining opportunities to learn from experienced instructors, network with peers, enjoy the attractions of Las Vegas, and for the first time, interact with those attending the Managing Partners retreat (21-23 June). 

25 members (including Sascha Dmoch from audalis in Germany) participated in the staff training which was targeted at those with a minimum of one year CPA firm experience to 3+ years and held at three different levels, with Mike Musson of Linkenheimer leading Level 2, Dave Wilson (Grant Bennett Associates) leading Level 3 (audit), and Larry Perry from CPA Firm Support Services leading Level 4.   

Staff training participants were invited to stay for a joint session with the Managing Partners on the Wednesday afternoon. 

Comments from attendees

Staff training sessions

"Larry’s openness with the material and his own life experiences made the entire program very rewarding."
Crystal Milsap, NSBN
"Not only does Mike know tons about the subject, but he was able to effectively communicate that knowledge to us. His methods of presenting kept me both engaged and interested in the subject matter."
Javier Aguilera, C&D
"Dave was fantastic! He really helped drive in the key points and always had a means to relate the topic being discussed to a real life example."
Tyler Kidd, Miller Grossbard

Joint session with Managing Partners

"This was really great! I loved that all levels were at the same table."
"Great presentations; both presenters seemed very enthusiastic about the subject matter; very knowledgeable. I'd like to poke their brains for more information."
"I really enjoyed this session. It was interesting exercise and gave us additional insights as to how other practices are run."

We thank all participants for their enthusiasm and our superb presenters (including Ken Miles and John Jones at the Managing Partners session) who gave their time and insights to the groups.