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Success Story: A more rounded view of client business through cross-profession lunch and learn seminars

One of the great benefits of international alliances of professional firms is their ability to offer independent member firms valuable opportunities for personal networking, training and the sharing of ideas and know-how. However, providing a forum for both accountancy and law firms to share resources and business insights is what makes Alliott Group different.

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Deeper relationships, shared benefits

Our firms have a large amount of common interest and the seminars provide another avenue for deepening our relationship and ensuring clients continue to benefit from our Alliott Group membership.
Jamie Towers, partner Hanrick Curran, Brisbane, Australia

The lunch and learn seminars run jointly by Brisbane (Australia) sister firms Hanrick Curran and Broadley Rees Hogan demonstrate how young fee earners can leverage alliance resources to develop a more rounded view of their clients’ business and build strong networks of professional contacts.

The advantage of a multidisciplinary membership

The presence of two carefully selected professional firms in every commercial center offers Alliott Group members huge potential for not only fee generating cross-referrals, but also less tangible benefits. A recent example from Australia provides the blueprint for how a membership initiative, if executed with commitment and creativity, can offer benefits at many different levels.

A lunch and learn seminar program has developed out of the blossoming relationship between the alliance’s accounting and law firm members in Brisbane and is proving a cost-effective way to share professional knowledge and ideas between the firms’ younger fee earners and help them to develop strong networks that will benefit their clients and careers.

Learning opportunities for younger professionals

The seminars began in April 2015 and are now hosted in turn by each firm every two months. Held over lunchtime, each seminar is chaired by a partner with a 30-minute presentation delivered by a younger fee earner from the host firm on a topic of mutual interest. Sandwiches and refreshments are provided by the host firm.

Inspiring the confidence to refer

Jamie Towers, a partner at accounting member Hanrick Curran, explains that the seminars are not only useful vehicles for sharing business knowledge, but also valuable opportunities to demonstrate credibility in a specific area of practice:

“We started off by providing a seminar on taxation issues specific to wills and estates. This was immediately successful as the very next week, I was asked to provide tax advice for an estate that one of the Broadley Rees Hogan partners was working on. There has since also been some compliance work.”

Knowledge sharing that benefits staff and clients

Other topics covered so far by Hanrick Curran include property GST issues and financial reporting for directors, while Broadley Rees Hogan have focused on asset protection and trademarks. The schedule for future seminars is flexible but topics including insolvency, employment law and property development have already been identified as good opportunities.

Jon Broadley of Broadley Rees Hogan is confident about the benefits, commenting:

“Our seminar program is proving equally beneficial for both firms – they not only help us to get to know each other better to assist with referrals, but also provide our accountants and lawyers with more rounded, commercial knowledge when speaking to clients. Our firms have a large amount of common interest and the seminars provide another avenue for deepening our relationship and ensuring clients continue to benefit from our Alliott Group membership.”

With plans for further seminar programmes in Australia and further afield, facilitated by technology, already taking shape with the support of the alliance’s headquarters in the UK, the future looks very promising.

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