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Original thinkers

Established in the UK in 1979, Alliott Group was one of the first international associations of independent accounting firms (at the time referred to as "networks").

Our founding members recognized that the business of their mid-market and privately held company clients was fast becoming more international with supply and demand for many of their clients' products and services no longer being just local.

Alliott Group is ranked among the top international networks of accounting and law firms

Since then, the association (also referred to as the 'alliance') has reached a level of maturity, grown to 170+ accounting and law firm members in 70+ countries, is a member of the European Group of International Accounting Networks & Associations (EGIAN) and is listed among the top international associations and networks of accounting firms (Accountancy Age). This 'first mover' advantage is indicative of the entrepreneurial, marketing-led culture that runs through the association to this day and that differentiates Alliott Group among the market place's 200+ law and accounting networks. 

Our competitive advantage

However, we have evolved over the years to carve out a competitive advantage that extends way beyond being pioneers and one of the first international groups to be "multidisciplinary"in its scope. We have ambitions that go way beyond being an internally focused "referral network". The competitive advantage we enjoy today and that brings benefits to our members has three key elements and is supported by a strong vision and backed up by the awards we have won:

  • A distinctive brand that members want to identify with due to the differentiation it offers and the reputation it bestows upon the firm
  • A marketing-led culture that encourages and gives members the opportunities to 'think big', to get involved and to work together collaboratively to get things done, and of course, to have fun. You won't find similar depths of friendship and trust in other international groups
  • A range of services, including cooperative agreements with other cross border trade focused organisations such as the Commonwealth Enterprise & Investment Council, that help independent firms to develop reputation, visibility and new business.

Should you be Connected to The World of Business?

If your firm is "mid market" but poorly equipped to get business done across borders, your best clients and your talent will be at risk from local and foreign competitors. 

We provide a ready-made solution that will make your firm more competitive and, most importantly, more valuable to your clients. Our membership fees are highly competitive compared to an "accounting network" or a large law firm network. Ask yourself - Would you really use all of the services you would be subsidizing?

Membership will enable your firm to:

  • Accelerate growth and reach your next level
  • Reflect your clients needs for international/multi-market services without the vicarious (secondary) liability risk that comes with membership of an international "network" of firms and the potential negligence of any one member firm 
  • Ensure advice is joined up nationally and in different markets using colleagues you can trust. 
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