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Forming a subsidiary in the US

New Jersey accountants SobelCo explain the key steps a foreign company needs to consider when setting up a subsidiary in the United States.

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SobelCo LLC, Alliott Group's accounting member firm in New Jersey (previously 'Weber Shapiro'), provide a short overview of the key steps a foreign business needs to take to establish a subsidiary in the United States.

Key steps

  1. Establish a U.S. subsidiary in Delaware (C-Corp, tax blocker) with registration, ID numbers and filing fees
  2. Draft by-laws/resolutions/appoint officers and directors and issue shares
  3. Obtain a registered agent in Delaware 
  4. Open US bank accounts and obtain general insurance as needed
  5. File the annual Federal and State Income Tax Returns for the corporation
  6. Prepare all necessary documentation to hire employees
  7. Arrange for ongoing payroll management and bookkeeping services as needed
  8. Seek assistance with a transfer pricing services agreement. 

Get professional strategic support in forming your US subsidiary

For help and advice on setting up a US subsidiary, contact Scott Shapiro, a CPA and partner at SobelCo LLC in New Jersey, United States. 

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