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Can expatriates enjoy a special tax regime in Mexico?

Guillermo Villegas of Mexican accounting firm Villegas y Villegas explains that expatriates can qualify as non-residents for tax purposes

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Expatriates can enjoy a special tax regime while assigned to Mexico, but only if they qualify as being non-resident for tax purposes in Mexico under local rules.

Mexican international tax expert Guillermo Villegas Jr. of Villegas y Villegas is a member of the alliance's Global Mobility Services Group - in the video below he explains the advantages of the Mexican tax regime for expatriates who meet the qualifying criteria. 

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Expatriates as non-resident tax payers

Villegas explains: 

"If expatriates qualify, they will remain tax residents in their country of origin - in Mexico they will pay tax only on Mexican sourced income, with the rates of tax varying."

Exempt accumulated income for expatriates

According to Villegas, "Expatriates can also benefit from an exempt accumulated income in a 12 month period which ensures they enjoy an advantageous position from a tax perspective while living and working in Mexico."

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