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International Tax Express newsletter - First edition goes live

Tax Express International is Alliott Group’s tax newsletter for small and medium sized businesses and high net worth individuals facing the challenges but also seeking out the opportunities presented by the cross border tax landscape which continues to shift under our feet.

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An essential read for tax directors, business owners and private individuals

"International Tax Express is an essential read for SME companies and high net worth individuals interested in the challenges and opportunities offered by tax around the world. Published at least twice a year, the publication will provide clarity on changing tax laws and what needs to be understood to remain compliant and competitive in today's international business world." David Gibbs, Chair, International Tax Services Group

Covered in this issue:

  • Baiting the Tax Hook to Attract Investment in Innovation and R&D in a Post-BEPS World
  • Permanent Establishment: How to Know When & Where the Tax Line Has Been Crossed
  • Video reports: How is Foreign Income Taxed in Different Countries? Our International Tax Experts Explain
  • Key points: The 2017/18 Australian Federal Budget
  • Place of Effective Management (PoEM): India’s Government Issues Guidelines
Download your copy now

Tax Express International is a newsletter created by members of our International Tax Services Group. Alliott Group members can request printed copies of the newsletter to distribute to clients and contacts.

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