XE (New Zealand)

XE (New Zealand)

Foreign Exchange

Auckland, New Zealand

XE (New Zealand)
Level 4, NZ Invest House
32 Mahuhu Crescent
New Zealand


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XE: Powering international lives for over 25 years is the world's most popular foreign exchange website, and a leading global destination for foreign exchange rate tools and data.

We provide a comprehensive range of currency services from quick easy and secure international money transfers for individuals and businesses to XE technology integrated into business systems.

Thousands of businesses rely on us for information about the currency markets, advice on managing their foreign exchange risk and trust us with their business-critical international payments.

In 2018, we helped nearly 300 million people access information about the currencies that matter to them. Over 350,000 people used us to send money overseas for a variety of personal reasons including property purchase and maintenance to family and gift payments.

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